Life Is The House You Live In


Hmm? A visit starts with the front door, of course. It is the face of the house for everyone to see. May be it is polished and well kept, or will it show the wear and tear of all that went through? Then, let’s skip the hallway and go straight to the living room, the ‘parlour’. This is the place of relaxation built up over the year with  stuff you feel comfortable with. Not always does everything in it fit well together but one tries. At least it is filled with mostly good memories. Home interior design does want you to take action and make smaller or bigger plans to refurbish the place but as often it can wait for a while. More and more the kitchen takes over in interest. After all it is the spot were daily activities come together, talks steam up the atmosphere in the house. The kitchen has become truly the central arena of life and living in the house.  From time to time a piece falls to the floor but easily cleaned for those who run a tight organized home. After work has been done the senses move upstairs. Different schedules run against each other on the stairs. Those who can wait will triumph nonetheless. After the stairs separate worlds are deployed. Bedrooms and bathrooms are individual places of rest and restauration, which one needs to be there. Finally getting peace of mind, or alternatively, worrying about coming things ahead.

Since this is supposed to be a blog on teaching and school life let’s redirect the metaphor to teachers. “Teaching, for teachers, is the house they live in”. How would that turn out?






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